Different Methods for Treating Warts

Many people suffer from warts these days and it is very common. There are many treatments to cure it. One among them is home remedies and if it fails to work on warts, you can use wart removers, which are available in drugstores.

If the warts still continue to appear, then you may need to consult a dermatologist, who can treat it by either freezing it or cutting it off.


Below are few home medicines and other treatments for curing common warts.

Home Therapies for Warts

Many try numerous home medicines for warts by using household stuffs like garlic, baking powder, castor oil. Vitamin C tablets are also used for curing warts. Some of them even use pineapple juice or duct tape for treating warts. However, these methods are not recommended as they work only to some extent.

Drugstore Wart Removers

Almost all dermatologists and doctors advise medical store wart removers for those who have warts. Normally, corns or calluses are wrongly understood as warts. If you have doubt about it, you may have to check with the doctor.

Most of the drugstore wart medicines contain salicylic acid. The results are about fifty percent within 6 weeks or so. The other method of curing wart is by freezing it, which has shown forty to fifty percent result in ten days.

Medical store treatments are not suggested for common warts. For instance, applying the remover on the lips or face or genital warts should be avoided. People should consult a doctor for treating such warts.

Dermatologist Treatments for Warts

If you go to a dermatologist or a doctor, they will be able to give you many options for wart treatments. Few emphasise on abolishing the wart, while others treat by improving one’s immunity, which will help the body to clear the wart.

Few options are:

  • Salicylic acid to cure wart
  • Liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart off
  • Current immune system drugs such as Salicylic acid will help to fight against viruses that cause warts
  • Laser treatment or surgery is the last option to cure warts

Salicylic-Acid Treatment

Salicylic acid comes as plasters, drops, pads and gels. They are particularly developed for treating many types of warts, from small ones to big clumpy ones. It is a keratolytic treatment that melts the protein called keratin, which rather causes both the wart and the thick deposit of dead skin to prevail.

Non-Prescription Freezing Treatment

The non-prescription freezing treatment is the spray wart treatment, which is available in drug stores. The spray is normally used to freeze warts at certain temperature. This is related to the nitrogen fluid used by most dermatologists. The over-the-counter products and also colder agents applied by a doctor do not work practically.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is used to treat warts. In this treatment, the warts need to be covered with a duct tape and left for some time. They have to be removed after few hours or once in a week. But, the tape has to be replaced regularly.

Immune treatment for warts is a slow process, which takes six to twelve weeks to work, whereas the laser or surgery treatment is much faster, but it is very costly and harmful.

Thus, it is very important for one to precisely identify the wart and then attempt for the required treatment.


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