How Genital Warts can be prevented?

Often an examination diagnoses vaginal warts. Warts possess a characteristic look, your physician might want to have a biopsy (a little test of muscle) to find out when the patch is just a vaginal wart.

You are a lady and therefore are identified as having warts if, ensure that you be examined for problems that are cervical Pap smear and with a pelvic examination.

A normal Smear test is hardly unimportant. In case your smear is not normal, you may even require an examination having a colposcopy, a tool used-to microscopically examine the oral surfaces and cervix. Examples obtained during Smear tests may display for that virus as well as for pre-cancerous wounds which may be brought on by herpes.
Using condoms (man or woman) each time you’ve oral or anal sex may be the best approach to avoid acquiring vaginal warts, apart from being celibate (lacking intercourse).

Nevertheless, the safety provided by condoms isn’t 100%.

But condoms remain the best choice. When you have oralsex, protect having a condom. A dental dam, which is really a latex or memory (plastic) block, may be used to protect the anus area or female genitals.


Dental dams are often only offered at sexual health insurance and genitourinary medicine (GUM) centres, though the local pharmacist might be ready to-order some for you personally.Avoid discussing sextons. Nevertheless, should you choose protect them having a fresh condom before other people uses them, clean them or reveal them.

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