How to Prevent Common Warts?

Warts are actually small tumors that are not harmful. They generally appear on the skin and seem like some sort of an extra growth in the skin that is either whitish or pretty brownish in color. Warts can also vary when it comes to size.

Some warts can appear really tiny and also not very distinct; you might see some small bumps on the skin, whereas the others are pretty big in size and can be easily noticed.

Warts look more or less like cauliflowers because they are pretty rough; however, the size can be different for different people. They are actually caused by some sort of viral infection that happens to people. The virus generally is Human Papilloma Virus. In case this virus gets into your body, you will notice that your skin cells start growing really fast, which will thereby result in those extra bumps on the skin. Scientists have now found around hundred new types of viruses and many people are now said to have at least one common wart at any given point of time in their lives.

How to Prevent Common Warts?

Here are some ways you can prevent common warts.

1. Avoid Scratching or Rubbing: Warts are always likely to spread, therefore if you try scratching or rubbing on the affected part, things may actually worsen. The warts can spread and it will only complicate your condition. HPV can also spread if you get in contact with the blood shed from the wart.

2. Always Wash Your Hands: Hands are generally exposed in contacting the HPV; you may tend to touch wart in a public place, and there are possibilities. Therefore, always wash your hands with soap and keep yourself clean. Hygiene is a crucial factor; it can help in preventing common warts.

3. Keep Your Feet Dry: This is one thing not many people pay serious attention to. When sweat is emitted from the feet, the moisture that is on your feet can actually increase the risk of the development of wart. Therefore, you need to take special care of your feet. Make sure your feet are always dry and clean and avoid walking barefoot even at home.

4. Avoid Using Other’s Personal Care Products: Do not share or use other’s personal care products like a towel, shaving razor or anything of that sort. Warts can easily spread to you. Therefore, be watchful and use your own products.

These are some ways to prevent common warts. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it will help you stay away from all these crazy infections.

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