The Common Myths about Warts De-Busted

There has been a lot of information about HPV. Many people have a completely wrong idea about warts and are unaware of the types of warts that are common.

Here are some common myths that people have about warts.


Myth:  There is no proof that vaccines are safe and therefore you should not get it.

Fact:  Honestly speaking, most of the vaccine recipients have not had any sort of side effects. Therefore, it is completely safe and you have to get vaccinated if necessary.

Myth: It is very effective to get a pap smear following the HPV vaccine beforehand.

Fact: Pap is basically a test to check if you have any abnormal cells in the cervix; however, the vaccination for HPV is exclusively for preventing HPV infection in the first place so that one doesn’t get those cells. It is better to get vaccinated to prevent against the common strains of HPV than waiting for an abnormality to show up and then treat it in future.

Myth: If people have genital warts, then it will lead to cervical cancer.

Fact: This is far from the truth. Apart from the fact that both genital warts and cervical cancer are caused by HPV, there is absolutely no relation between these two whatsoever.

Myth: Elderly women do not need to be tested.

Fact:  In fact, it is very normal to be testing and screening for HPV for those aged 30+ up to 70+. Therefore, it is advised that even elderly women have to get tested for HPV.

Myth: In case you suffer from abnormal Pap smear, then you may have cervical cancer.

Fact: There is absolutely no truth in this as abnormal Pap smears do suggest an early abnormality. It generally takes a lot of time for this to develop into cervical cancer and most often these will resolve on their own. Therefore, one need not panic; things are not going to be very bad after all.

Myth: If you have taken enough precautions during an intercourse, then there is no way one can be at risk for HPV.

Fact: Taking precautions can only cover a bit of the genital area. As HPV is transmitted through the skin, any genital contact is good enough for transmission. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will be free from HPV even if you take a lot of precautions.

These are some of the myths about warts.

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