What are Genital Wart?

Vaginal warts are smooth stones that happen about the genitals. Vaginal warts are a sexually transmitted disease (STI) due to particular traces of the human papillomavirus (HPV).

These skin cancers may cause distress, pain, and scratching. They’re particularly harmful for ladies since some kinds of HPV may also trigger cancer of vulva and the cervix.


Vaginal warts are invisible towards the eye. They might be skin and really small – or somewhat deeper. The growths’ most effective look like a cauliflower and could experience somewhat rough or sleek towards the contact.

Warts on guys can happen:

About the penis

About the scrotum

About the groin

About the legs

Inside or about the rectum

Vaginal warts in women can happen on:

The interior of rectum or the vagina

The exterior of rectum or the vagina

The cervix

Vaginal warts could also look about the person that has had dental erotic connection with an infected person’s lips language, or neck.

Even although you can’t notice vaginal warts, they might nevertheless trigger signs, for example natural discharge, bleeding, scratching, or burning. If vaginal warts become or distribute increased, the problem can be unpleasant and quite unpleasant.

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