What Causes Common Warts?

There has been one skin condition that has been constantly misunderstood and it is called wart. A lot of people have no clear understanding as to what a wart actually is.

Many who do not know if this is dangerous or contagious; they do not know how it can be treated. So, here is an article to just give you a good understanding about common warts.


Warts are basically small tumors, which are not harmful and it appears on the skin. They generally appear like an extra growth in the skin and are either whitish or brownish in color and they can also vary in their sizes. Some warts can appear really tiny and not very distinct; you may see some small bumps on the skin, where as the others are quite big in size and can be noticed easily.  These warts pretty much look like cauliflowers as they are rough; however, the size can vary.

Warts are mainly caused by any sort of viral infection. The virus generally is Human Papilloma Virus. If this virus gets into your body, then you will see that your skin cells grow really fast, which thereby results in those extra bumps on the skin. Scientists have now observed around hundred new types of virus and most of the people are said to have at least one common wart at some point of time in their lives.

There are some forms of this HPV that are more likely to cause skin warts on your hands. While there are other forms of this virus, which are likely to cause genital warts, there are some other strains of the virus that can cause both. In case you have any type of skin wart, this means that you have come in contact with a wart-causing virus in the past. It could have been even some months ago.

The most common way is skin to skin contact. Suppose you shake hands with a person who has warts on hand, there are possibilities that you will also get that virus. It could also be that if you use any object like a shirt or a towel used by some person who has warts, then there are chances that you will be infected too. Biting your fingernails can also cause wart. If you have cuts from shaving, you can be infected with wart. So, you will have to ensure that you keep yourself clean always.

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